GuestSpot: MW Studios

Sep 3, 2021

Having recently been through a successful website refresh, the first in our new GuestSpot blog series is from UK design based consultancy MW Studio who worked with us on the rebuild.

MW Studio, has worked closely with FinoComp on its branding and marketing communications for a number of years. We could see from the start that it was a unique company. Based in a converted church in Jamberoo, Australia, its startup spirit was evident not only in its agile approach to software, but also in its focus on values and a holistic approach to project development. While retaining its pioneer spirit, FinoComp has come a long way from its days as a startup. As part of the Bravura family, its horizons have been broadened. With this in mind, we were commissioned to review its branding and web presence and how best to reflect FinoComp’s evolved values and ambition.

Through discussion with the FinoComp team, it was established that the rebrand needed to build on the existing ‘visual loyalty’ of the old identity. Through a staged approach, a cleaner, contemporary design was developed based on the existing and recognisable Power Button graphic and the distinctive orange and blue colour palette, and a balance was struck to connect with the wealth-management business community and retain FinoComp’s core values.

One of the most obvious changes that was implemented in the new website was a move from a black colour scheme to a brighter one. The use of orange hyperlinks and dark blue subheadings subtly reinforces the colour scheme of the FinoComp brand, and the introduction of space creates a much calmer, more reassuring environment in which visitors can learn what FinoComp has to offer.

It was important for the website to have a reassuring atmosphere for potential clients, not only to make them feel at ease while reading about FinoComp’s services, but also to embody and amplify FinoComp’s focus on the customer and their needs. For this reason, larger pockets of information were split up into easy-to-read bullet lists or brief descriptions with subheadings. Rather than simply presenting a deluge of information, a simple display of the relevant facts would not only reassure visitors, but also show that FinoComp respects their needs and experience by not overwhelming them.

With FinoComp’s focus on ease-of-use for customers, our team at MW Studio needed to look at how to present the microservices themselves. However, as any IT specialist will tell you, software is a tricky thing to conceptualise, let alone sell. Some clients would prefer a simpler outline to a sea of esoteric technical terms. So, by promoting the use of iconography, especially for each microservice, along with a brief description of its function, the website has been made more accessible.

It was this approachability and ease of use that we wanted to bring to the fore in the new website. Thanks to a simplified colour scheme and layout, eye-catching new photography, and expertly crafted text by Diana Ioppolo from Ignite Content, the brand identity of FinoComp is clear to potential clients from the start: friendly, understandable, engaged, and innovative.

A lot has changed for FinoComp over the last three years. And we at MW Studio look forward to what the next three will bring.