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A complete model portfolio services (MPS) management software that helps both financial advisors and discretionary fund managers.

MPS helps bridge the gap between financial advisors and discretionary fund managers. It enables discretionary fund managers to set up and maintain models of assets while providing advisors self-service functionality, allowing them to choose which portfolio best suits their clients’ risk profiles and goals. MPS integrates seamlessly with other microservices and core platforms to enhance performance. A version of the tool is currently used by one of the biggest discretionary fund manager platforms in the UK.


Customisation at platform level
Customise your discretionary fund management position within your platform, without costly enhancements to the core system.

DFM self-service
DFMs can tailor master model portfolios and define their variations based on supported products and permitted assets, and make them available to selected advisers. Run a “what if” rebalance report on a model portfolio to preview what would happen to all linked accounts, before actually triggering a rebalance.

Advisor self-service
Provides wide-ranging functionality for advisors including the ability to create, manage and edit model portfolios, link them to client accounts, as well as rebalance all or specific accounts linked to the models. Advisers also have a view of investors’ accounts and how their current holdings vary from the linked model portfolio(s).

Clear auditability
Gain clarity and transparency on all past model portfolio changes and rebalancing activity with access to complete trading history. Easily access information on past activity for audits and customer requests.

Enhanced performance
Our range of microservices is designed with client outcomes at the core. For example, if integrated with Cobalt, advisors could quickly see the capital gains tax implications of a rebalance and make informed decisions for their clients, ultimately leading to better performance for the investor.


Integrated offering
MPS can be integrated with other FinoComp Microservices (or your own) for DFM charge rate specification, obtaining asset permissibility, performing portfolio reporting and obtaining the CGT impacts of trades.

Intuitive interface
With a clean, modern and intuitive interface, users can quickly learn to navigate the system and make the most of its functionality. Advisers and DFMs can view if activity falls outside parameters, helping with model realignment.

Multi-models and ring-fencing
Ability to have more than one model portfolio linked to an account and ring-fence fund units from the model in a separate holding.

Fast, powerful processing
Includes the capability to quickly bulk-move client accounts from one model portfolio to another.

High flexibility
Desirable outcomes can be achieved with flexible configuration options incl. minimum trade amounts and minimum account value for rebalancing. Best of all, the service can be customised for different countries and currencies for business growth globally.

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