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Seamless MIFID II ex-post costs and charges reporting that provides complete performance transparency for clients.

Capture complex fees and costs structures with CoCa. Meet all the requirements of MIFID II ex-post costs and charges disclosure while adding real value for clients at the same time. Gain visibility on fees at all levels and at any point in time, regardless of portfolio complexity.


Fast, reliable calculations
Make calculations at any point in time with speed and accuracy, without having to rely on existing systems and impacting day-to-day processes.

Improve customer proposition
Go beyond regulatory requirements and improve your customer proposition. Get a clear picture of the impact of fees on a portfolio at any point in time and provide timely responses to client requests.

Champion transparency
Produce a detailed outline of each cost and its impact on portfolio performance. Provide clients with complete transparency of fees across all levels of their investments.

Seamless compliance reporting
Meet compliance regulations with ease, reducing the risk of compliance breaches and building trust with clients at the same time.


Produce disclosures at any point in time
Trigger ad-hoc disclosures at any point throughout the year. With date-range flexibility, you can choose your own defined date period.

Flexible integration across different portals
API integration allows data to be used where it’s needed throughout the business. Easily integrates across client and advisor portals while providing flexible formats of output including branded PDFs and CSV files.

Detailed charge breakdowns
Get a clear view of which transactions and holdings have contributed to calculations. Includes the flexibility to drill down to charges between platforms, advisers, asset managers, DFMs and any other third parties.

Exception management feature
Gain insights to which charges have a disproportionate impact on portfolio performance.

Intuitive user interface
Users can quickly learn and navigate the tool without the need to reference detailed user manuals or undertake extensive training.

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