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Exceptionally fast calculations of complex fees and charges.

Access rapid fees and charges calculations without placing added pressure on core software systems. Large scale and highly complex calculations are completed seamlessly via a powerful, flexible system that allows access to information fast and helps streamline processes. Toro is currently in production with the UK’s largest retail wealth managers, demonstrating a proven ability to scale.


Access information fast
Calculate complex fees and charges and avoid lengthy delays. Advisors and back-office support staff can access the information they need, when they need it.

Provide full transparency
Access full electronic audit history of all components of the charge calculations. Enable advisors to show full transparency, including exactly what was charged and why.

Work with existing systems
Ease the processing burden of your core systems while also synchronising information across the systems.


Charge diary
Schedule in charges and associated calculations in the calendar.

Approval and rejection processes
Flexibility to set-up automatic or manual approval and rejection processes.

Flexible integration
Work with existing technological ecosystems or couple with other microservices including sister component ChargeDef for powerful capability.

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